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Waterjet Cutting Applications

Endless Possibilities

Waterjet cutting technology is one of the fastest growing major machine tool processes in the world due to its versatility and ease of operation. Manufacturers are realizing that there are virtually no limits to what waterjets are capable of cutting and machining.

Machine shops of all sizes are realizing greater efficiency and productivity by implementing UHP waterjets in their operations. Waterjets are becoming the machine tool of choice for many shops.

Since abrasive waterjet (AWJ) technology was first invented by Flow in the early 1980s, the technology has rapidly evolved with continuous research and development. What makes waterjets so popular? Waterjets require few secondary operations, produce net-shaped parts with no heat-affected zone, heat distortion, or mechanical stresses caused by other cutting methods, can cut with a narrow kerf, and can provide better usage of raw material since parts can be tightly nested.

As a result of the FlowMaster PC control system and intuitive operation, waterjets are extremely easy to use. Typically, operators can be trained in hours and are producing high quality parts in hours.

Additionally, waterjets can cut virtually any material, leaving a satin-smooth edge. These benefits add up to significant cost savings per part in industries that have traditionally defined productivity by cost per hour. Waterjet cutting offers a host of benefits to manufacturers of all types. Some highlights include:

Unmatched Versatility
Flow waterjets enable you to cut a variety of applications with ease. Whatever the shape, dimensions, or material, our easy-to-use FlowMasterŽ software lets you bring valuable versatility to your business.

Expanded Capabilities
Whatever your business - automotive, aerospace, stone and tile, tool and die, fabricator, or job shop - you can cut metal, stone, plastics, composites, glass, ceramics, or rubber - all up to 8 inches thick with no heat-affected zone and superior edge quality.

Reduction in Material and Production Costs

Flow waterjets require minimal fixturing and tooling so you can save valuable time on your shop floor. Waterjets cut accurate, clean edges that allow for tight nesting and reduced scrap - saving you money through greater material utilization.

Complements Existing Technology
Today, there is a trend by many job shops to add waterjets to their operations as a complement to other cutting technologies such as EDM, laser, milling, and plasma. While each shop has its own requirements for cutting projects, most are finding waterjets to be a tremendous asset to their operations - enhancing both productivity and profitability.

The Technology
When water is pressurized up to 87,000 pounds or more per square inch (psi) and forced through a tiny opening, it can cut a variety of soft materials including food, paper and baby diapers, rubber and foam.

When small amounts of abrasive particles, such as garnet, are mixed into the jet stream, the resulting "abrasive waterjet" can cut virtually any hard material such as metal, composites, stone and glass. Flow International is the inventor of the abrasive waterjet process and over the past 20 years has sold 4 times as many waterjet systems as all other suppliers combined.

The heart of any waterjet system is the ultrahigh-pressure pump. Learn more about Flow's UHP Pumps in our Products section. For a more in-depth look at the technology behind the waterjet, read our white paper on How Waterjets Work. Find out more about the Flow Line up of Waterjet Systems, and What system is right for you


Or visit the official website www.flowcorp.com
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