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Ocean Machinery has had a tremendous impact on the North American Structural Steel Fabricating Industry. Since 2001, Ocean Machinery sold over 250 CNC beam drill lines into small and medium fabricating shops across the region, completely revolutionizing the way small fabricators process beams and all types of profiles.

In 2003 Ocean Machinery and Peddinghaus teamed up to develop the first Ocean Avenger Beam Line, a highly productive and successful CNC beam line that quickly became the default standard for small fabricators across the world, and quickly made all other machines obsolete!

In October 2004 Ocean Machinery and Peddinghaus unveiled their latest Ocean Avenger Drill Line, and quickly sold 19 machines in only 2 months. We have already installed more than 200 Ocean Avenger Beam Drills in less than 3 years. We are currently producing 8 machines each month to supply the unprecedented demand for these exceptional drill lines.

These very simple yet highly effective machines are designed and manufactured for Ocean Machinery right here in the USA, Making ocean one of the most respected name in structural Steel Fabricating Machinery.

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Avenger CNC - Beam Line Drilling
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Terminator Bandsaw
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Eliminator Material Handling
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Clipper - CNC Angle line
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Liberator - CNC Beam Coping Machine
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Flipper - Beam Rotating device
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Oceanette Calendar - The Girls of Ocean
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