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    The C350CNC is a programmable automatic saw. Equipped with an automatic feed system with a 20" shuttle stroke - multi indexing. Comes standard with 4 blade speeds (15/30/45/90 rpm), a microprocessor, which can program up to 32 different cuts lengths and quantities.

  • 14" blade
  • Wire chip brush
  • 3.5 Hp motor
  • 4 blade speeds (15/30/5/90)
  • material stop with ruler
  • Ergonomically positioned control panel
  • Programmable sawing stroke
  • Pneumatic operating vise
  • Pneumatic operating shuttle feed
  • Anti-burr clamp
  • Enclosed steel base with chip drawer
  • Flood coolant system with electrical pump
  • Vertical pneumatic vise
  • Saw head feed rate dial
  • Wash down hose
  • Material support roller
  • 4 speed blade rpm
  • Microprocessor



    The PNF350CNC is a Non-Ferrous cutting automatic or semi-automatic saw with pneumatic operating vise. Equipped with a two-speed motor provides high-speed blade rpm (1700 & 3400 rpm) for cutting of aluminum, brass, pvc, and other soft metals. With a vise opening of 7", it is able to cut a large range of shape and sizes of extruded aluminum.

  • 14" Blade
  • 2.5/3 Hp motor
  • 2 blade speed (1700 & 3400 rpm)
  • Programming of up to 32 different cut lengths.
  • Rotating table on large roller bearings
  • Two pneumatic operating vises
  • Vises with movable aluminum jaws



    The C370CNC is an automatic, vertical column cold saw, with the option to switch to a semi-automatic mode. With a 7.5 HP it comes standard with infinitely variable blade speed for extended tool life and efficient cutting. It miters 60 left and 45 right.

  • 14.5" Blade
  • Variable speed drive ranging from 15 to 150 RPM's
  • Pneumatic operating vertical vise
  • Ergonomically positioned control panel
  • Multi-indexing shuttle-feed with 40" single stroke
  • Microprocessor control for programming up to 32 different jobs
  • Sawing head movement controlled by electro mechanic cylinder
  • Sawing head rides on double linear guides for stability
  • Extended blade life through high volume coolant system
  • Heavy duty gear box with three stage transmission
  • 7.5 HP motor



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