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  Bed Mills and Machining Centers

Atrump Machinery, Inc., incorporated in 1989, provides the CNC and conventional machine tool industry with a complete line of Milling Machines; Precision Lathes; Universal and MONASET Tools and Cutter Grinders; CNC Mills and Lathes.

Atrump is one of the top manufacturers of both CNC and manual bench lathes, precision engine lathes, knee mills and bed-type mills in Taiwan. Extron has been in business for over 35 years and sells approximately 2000 machines worldwide. Atrump is registered to ISO 9001, a universally accepted quality assurance designation. ISO registration is an indication of professionalism, capability and commitment to customer service earned through independent analysis of a company's quality management systems. We proudly stand behind our products and our ongoing commitment is to provide superior products and service.

What does this mean for you?
Peace of mind in knowing you receive service from an organization with an ongoing commitment to provide superior products and service. Our partners and you, our customers, reap the benefits of our ISO 9001 registration.

Our top priorities will always be Quality, Service and Development.

E-Series Machining Centers/WITH Centroid Control (M400)

E-Series Machining Centers/WITH Centroid Control (M400)



3E (E320)

4E (E422)

5E (E526)

Table Size

41 x 16" (1040x405 mm)

48.8 x 18" (1240x460 mm)

60 x 20" (1520x510 mm)

Table T-slot

0.71" (18 mm) x 4

Max. Table load (center)

990lbs (450kgs)

1320lbs (600kgs)

1760lbs (800kgs)

X axis travel

33.9" (860 mm)

41.7" (1060 mm)

52" (1320 mm)

Y axis travel

20" (510 mm)

22" (560 mm)

26" (660 mm)

Z axis travel

24" (610 mm)

24" (610 mm)

27.6" (700 mm)

Spindle nose to table surface

4.8 ~ 28.8"
(122 ~ 732 mm)

4.8 ~ 28.9"
(123 ~ 733 mm)

4.3 ~ 31.8"
(108 ~ 808 mm)

Spindle Center to Column

21.7" (550 mm)

23.6" (600 mm)

27.6" (700 mm)

Spindle taper

BT or CAT#40

Spindle speed

6000 rpm

Spindle motor



Spindle Belt

8YU Belt

Ball screw Diameter

Ø1.26" (32mm)

Ø1.26" (32mm)

Ø1.57" (40mm)

Pitch of Ball screw

Pitch 0.20" (5mm)

Pitch 0.24" (6mm)

ATC type

Armless type

Max. Tool diameter

Ø3.54" (90mm)

Tool Storage Capacity

16 tools

16 tools

20 tools

Rapid feed (X, Y) axis

320 ipm (8M/min).

Rapid feed Z axis

320 ipm (8M/min).

Table surface to floor

32.5" (825mm)

33.3" (847mm)

32.5" (825mm)

Weight (approx)

6820 lbs (3100kgs)

9460 lbs (4300kgs)

12320 lbs (5600kgs)

Positioning Accuracy

+/- 0.0004" (0.01mm

Repeatability Accuracy

+/- 0.0002" (0.005mm)


  • ISO 9001 Quality Assurance.
  • Latest Centroid Control M400 with 15" color LCD.
  • 3-axis Digital AC 1 KW Servo Drive Motor with Belt Drive.
  • Class 7 Bearing for spindle run out less than 0.00015".
  • 220V 10HP Electronic Vari Speed with Spindle S Control.
  • Hardened & Ground Table / Center T-Slot (Ground for Quick Setting).
  • Meehanite Casting to provide maximum rigidity and stability.
  • Heavy Square Slide Ways on X, Y & Z-axis to provide maximum Rigidity and Stability.
  • X, Y & Z-axis Metal Telescoping Way Covers.
  • 4 Box Ways design on Y-axis for long-term reliability.
  • Super Wide Saddle to ensure accuracy movement.
  • All axes have high precision, Class C3, Pre-Tension Ballscrew to ensure high accuracy.
  • Hardened & Ground X, Y & Z-axis Way with Turcite B coating to eliminate stick-slip.
  • ATC Umbrella Type Tool Changer (Armless Type). (E320 16 Tools) (E422 16 Tools) (E526 20 Tools).
  • Spindle Taper CAT 40 or BT 40.
  • Belt Drive System can fit smaller Servo Motor.
  • Automatic Flood (M8) Coolant System or Mist Coolant (M7). Specify at time of order.
  • Laser Compensation to ensure high accuracy +/- 0.0004" position 0.0002" repeatability.
  • Machine made in Taiwan, Control made in U.S.A

Standard Accessories:

  • Boster (Unclamp) Cylinder.
  • Coolant system.
  • Auto Lubrication system.
  • Halogen work light.
  • Table Guard.
  • Chip Tray w/- Splash Guard.
  • Armless type ATC system.
  • Leveling bolts & pads.
  • Telescoping way cover.
  • Power Chain.
  • Operating Manual.
  • Adjusting tools & box.
  • RS-232 interface.
  • Alarm light.
  • Heat Exchanger.

Optional Accessories:

  • Arm type ATC system.
  • Full Enclosure.
  • Chip Auger (Screw type chip conveyor).
  • Chain type Chip Conveyor w/-chip car.
  • 15HP Spindle Motor package for E320 & E422.
  • 20HP Spindle Motor package for E526.
  • CNC Rotary Table package.
  • 10000 rpm package (except for M632).
  • Clamping Kits.

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