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GLS-200 Turning Center & GLS-200M (Live Tooling)

Designed with high speed performance and practicality in mind, the GLS series combines power, strength and speed to accomplish today's high speed turning applications. Features include 0.2 sec. indexing servo turrets with 12-staion (accepts 3/4" OD tooling) on 6" chuck models and 10-station (accepts 1" OD tooling) on 8" chuck model. The fast indexing and fast axes rapid traverse rates are critical in lowering cycle times. A 30 slant bed provides a rigid foundation plus smoother chip disposal and easier operator access for faster set-up times. The spindle is driven by a Fanuc 20 HP (Peak) motor with high speed bearings. A standard chip conveyor and separate coolant tank system further enhance production efficiency and operation convenience.

By designing heat-dispensing fins to the spindle housing, heat generated by high spindle speeds is dispensed quickly and efficiently. Heat distortion is eliminated to a minimum and additional strength is added to the structure. "NSK" P4 grade super high precision angular contact ball bearings are used to support the spindle. Three bearings in the front with two in the rear are positioned in best-suited distances of support. This bearing combination results in ultra-smooth high-speed turning and rigidity to withstand loads from all directions with a higher level of accuracy.

The precision direct belt drive system provides greater spindle control, flexibility and less noise. Other standard features include spindle orientation, which allows the spindle to stop at the desired programmed position, useful for broaching applications and manual part handling. Rigid tapping feature controls simultaneously the speed and position of the spindle. By synchronizing the Z-axis feed with the spindle RPM, rigid tapping provides high-speed precision tapping without the use of floating tap holders. Set-up is easier and depth of thread more accurate. Rigid tapping permits maximum productivity for tapping operations.

Fanuc a8 AC (Oi-TC controls) spindle motor generating 15 HP at 30 minutes and 20 HP at peak has torque ratings of 52 ft-lbs at 30 minutes and 70 ft-lbs at peak. The motor is fine tuned to match the maximum rpm of the spindle by pulley ratios to generate the best output possible.

YAMA SEIKI utilizes the latest in control technology from FANUC with a 32-bit microprocessor, the OiMate-TC and Oi-TC controls. These controls provide many features as standard that are not available or costly options found on other controls. Features such as rigid tapping, multiple repetitive cycles, direct programming, custom macro B, color LCD screen (Oi-TC only), 640M of program memory, graphics, and super-fast processor are standard plus many more.



Max. swing diameter

Ø 18.11" (460mm)

Swing over saddle

Ø 14.96" (380mm)

Max. turning diameter

Ø 12.59" (320mm)

Standard turning diameter

Ø 8"

Max. turning length

19.68" (500mm)

Kitagawa chuck

Ø 8"

Bar capacity

Ø 2.00" (51mm)



Hole through draw tube

Ø 2.05" (52mm)

Hole through spindle

Ø 2.59" (66mm)

Spindle bearing diameter

Ø 3.93" (100mm)

Kitagawa cylinder (Std.)


Spindle nose


Spindle motor type

Fanuc α8 AC / β8 (Fanuc Oi Mate-TC)

Motor output (30min.)

15 HP

Motor output (Peak)

20 HP

Motor base speed

1,500 RPM

Spindle drive system

Direct belt drive

Spindle drive ratio

7:10 pulleys

Spindle speed range

42 ~ 4,200 RPM

Spindle full output speed

1,050 RPM

Spindle torque (30min.)

74 ft-lbs (100 N-M)

Spindle torque (Peak)

100 ft-lbs (137 N-M)

X & Z axes


X-axis travel

7.08" (180mm)

Z-axis travel

20.47" (520mm)

X-axis rapid traverse rate

788 IPM (20m/mim)

Z-axis rapid traverse rate

1,181 IPM (30m/mim)

Slide way type

NSK Linear ways

Feed rates

1~189 IPM (1~4,800mm/min.)

X-axis servo motor

AC 2.2 HP (Fanuc α8/3000) / 1.6 HP (Fanuc β8/3000, Oi Mate-TC)

Z-axis servo motor

AC 2.2 HP (Fanuc α8/3000) / 1.6 HP (Fanuc β8/3000, Oi Mate-TC)

X-axis ball screw dia./pitch

Ø1.26" (32mm) / pitch 10

Z-axis ball screw dia./pitch

Ø1.26" (32mm) / pitch 10

X & Z axes thrust (Cont.)

1,133 lbs. (515 kg)



Number of stations


Turret index drive type

Servo motor

Turret index time

0.2 sec./ single-step

OD tool shank size

□ 1"

ID tool shank size

Up to Ø 1-1/4"

Optional live tooling turret


Number of stations


Turret drive type


Turret index time

0.3 sec./ single-step


Fanuc servo motor

Live tooling:

5 HP (15min.) / 7.5 HP (Peak) Fanuc spindle motor

OD tool shank size

□ 3/4"

ID tool shank size

Up to Ø 1"

Live tooling shank size

0.04"~0.51" (1~13mm) ER 20 collets

Live tooling RPM

65 ~ 3,600 rpm



Tail stock


Quill center taper

MT#4 live center

Quill diameter

Ø 2.75" (70mm)

Quill travel

5.90" (150mm)

Tail stock body travel

11.42" (290mm)

Programmable quill / body

Yes / Yes (Optional)

Parts catcher (Optional)


Maximum part diameter

Ø 2.36" (60mm)

Maximum part length

7.09" (180mm)

General specification


Positioning accuracy

+/- 0.0002" (+/- 0.005mm)


+/- 0.0001" (+/- 0.003mm)

Standard CNC control



AC 200/220 +10% to -15% 3 phase

Power Requirement

25 kVA

Hydraulic tank capacity

13 gal. (50L)

Coolant tank capacity

40 gal. (150L)

Coolant pump

3/4HP "Grundfos" CH-2/30 rated at 55psi

Machine weight

7,050 Lbs. (3,200Kg)

Dimensions L X W X H

83" x 65" x 68" (2086 x 1642 x 1717)mm

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